A game-changing template for those seeking clarity and self-sufficiency in their personal branding.

What we like leaves clues and that mix of photos in your Instagram saves and cameral roll is your personal pot of pure GOLD - and I'm going to help you find the hidden nuggets waiting align your visual brand pillars.


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Below, you will find the exact steps you need to move from simply expressing what you don't like to gaining a clear understanding of what truly captivates you, why you are drawn to it, and how you can use it to inspire your own creative visuals. This is the important work that you may have overlooked or outsourced.

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<aside> <img src="https://super.so/icon/dark/bookmark.svg" alt="https://super.so/icon/dark/bookmark.svg" width="40px" /> Your new mantra moving forward: “If it doesn't gut punch you in the soul, it doesn't get saved”. Love it, Learn it, Live by it.



<aside> <img src="https://super.so/icon/dark/bookmark.svg" alt="https://super.so/icon/dark/bookmark.svg" width="40px" /> WHAT IS A VISION BOARD? A collection of images that are used as references before, or during a photoshoot (or any kind of creative project). If you've ever used Pinterest, you're basically making a moodboard!


<aside> <img src="https://super.so/icon/dark/clipboard.svg" alt="https://super.so/icon/dark/clipboard.svg" width="40px" /> GETTING STARTED: Pin, build, organize


<aside> <img src="https://super.so/icon/dark/clipboard.svg" alt="https://super.so/icon/dark/clipboard.svg" width="40px" /> START PINNING: Create your catch all mood board first. Use our sample boards below to begin pulling your own images into a free Pinterest board. Begin with a fresh board and pin EVERYTHING that calls you. Don't stop, don't overthink it, and don't try to organize it. To find images that reflect your vision, remember to pin only images that gut punch you in the soul. Let go of the need to get it right to to be productive. Just allow yourself to flow, without judgement, through the process until you have between 40-60 images. Trust that a pattern will begin to emerge. Don't force it. That's going to be your golden thread. ✨It is normal to be drawn to safe and familiar images at first. If you're having trouble finding your golden thread, I show you how to do this & how to align it with your visual brand inside the SPM course.


<aside> <img src="https://super.so/icon/dark/clipboard.svg" alt="https://super.so/icon/dark/clipboard.svg" width="40px" /> FIND THE CLUES: Now that you have your initial images pulled and are beginning to see the golden thread running through your visuals it's time to build out the details of your board. I cannot underestimate the importance of training your creative eye. Consumption is and always will be a fundamental piece of the creative process. If you are a creator it is crucial to be consuming inspiration, in great swaths from all aspects of life. Doing so will hone your creative eye, elevating and evolving it over time. It will also show you very clearly what you are naturally drawn to, allowing you to consume more of that specific style and reduce your overall consumption at the same time. And, while I don't want you to limit yourself to online content only — the ease and availability of it are not to be discounted special and not to be discounted. The key here is to slow the scroll and stop feeling guilty every time you search for inspiration online. Instead, be curious. I learned to do this for myself when I founded The Goldenbrand and turned to Pinterest for inspiration. There were certain images that I kept returning to again and again. At first I didn't see how they were connected and it wasn't until I learned to really break down an image that I saw the through line and learned what I was drawn to. The more I saved the more I began to notice the details, learning to dissect every little piece of an image from the lighting (quality, tone, direction, luminosity) to the emotion (quietly confident, warm, open, generous) and the styling (true black tones, creamy whites, and a pop of golden shimmer). I found I loved the mix and juxtaposition of a small-scale set with a distorted perspective image. The blending of cool tones with warm lighting, the play of open body language with lips slightly curled up in mid-secret. ✨I share these exact steps with you and teach you how to do this for your DIY images inside SPM. ✨✨ The SPM tools will also help you maximize your professional photo investment if you chose to go that route.


<aside> <img src="https://super.so/icon/dark/clipboard.svg" alt="https://super.so/icon/dark/clipboard.svg" width="40px" /> YOUR VISUAL PILLARS: Within your main catch-all board, create sections for each repeated element you were drawn to in your images. I'm sharing a capture from my personal mood board on Pinterest where I mix everything from style to portraiture, food to decor, and florals to storytelling, each with its own section. When you are collecting your images, don't overlook contradictions and opposites of what you are naturally drawn to. This helps to inform how you break your own rules around what you love. Remember that we don't know the lovely thing without its opposite. We don't know the light without the dark, tenderness without roughness, or elegance without grit. Now pop over to Pinterest and get that board organized. I'll meet you here to show you my final mood boards which I created using Canva. ✨If you are stuck with this step, I'm here to help - this is my specialty friend! Access the SPM Community Portal and let our talented members reflect your aesthetic back to you. This is the best way to get clarity, fresh perspective, and to do a little market research at the same time. Or schedule a 1:1 Golden Brand Vision Session with me and I'll put my expert eyes to work with you.


<aside> <img src="https://super.so/icon/dark/clipboard.svg" alt="https://super.so/icon/dark/clipboard.svg" width="40px" /> FOURTH: Drawing on the biggest theme present in your images begin to choose your top 4-5 images that best represent that theme. At this point I move over to Canva and import the images there to create a beautiful layout with plenty of white space to honor each image. View my final mastered mood boards here. ✨Tag my on Instagram or connect here to share your Board with me, I can't wait to see.




<aside> <img src="/icons/forward_red.svg" alt="/icons/forward_red.svg" width="40px" /> NEXT STEPS You've found your visual brand pillars! Now it's time to express yourself in front of the camera lens.

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